How to Soft Reset FitBit Charge 2

In previous article we learned “how to hard reset FitBit Charge 2?”. But it is not necessary to hard reset to solve every problem. Some glitches can be solved using soft reset. In this article we will learn, How to Soft Reset FitBit Charge 2?

A Soft Reset is needed when device freezes or it starts showing lag. Suppose you are using the device and it get stuck or freezes. You can’t use the device its screen is also freeze, in such cases soft reset is the answer.

How to Soft Reset FitBit Charge 2?

Unlike hard reset, soft reset doesn’t delete apps and factory reset your device. Although soft reset will close all the applications running and delete any unsaved data on apps that were running. In this procedure we switch off the device forcefully and switch it on. This procedure removes any problematic code  or program that caused the freeze.

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How to Soft Reset FitBit Charge 2

  1. First of all plug the device with charger or computer using USB.
  2. Connect tracker with this cable.
  3. Now press the on/off button on device and it will restart with FitBit logo and vibrations. That’s it.