How to Hard Reset iPhone 5S

There are many ways to fix problem in devices. One of the ways if Hard resetting it. So if you are looking for answer to ” How to wipe all data in APPLE iPhone 5S?”.  Then keep reading the article.

This tutorial will guide you step by step through resetting Apple iPhone5S. We will tell you how to hard reset iPhone 5S using hardware keys and iOS software. As a result device will run smooth without any lags or hanging.

Reset Through Software

  1. Press home button, and navigate to settings.
  2. The tap on general.
  3. Choose Reset, and choose “Erase All Content and Settings”
  4. Accept warning and tap in Erase Settings.
  5. Now device will ask you for passcode or pattern lock.
  6. Now reset has started as soon as you enter passcode or pattern lock. Wait till it is completed.

Factory Reset iPhone 5S through keys

This hard reset way will delete all the files so you should backup your files. As a result of hard reset iPhone 5S will run faster and battery will last longer. This is also knows as restore defaults in iPhone 5S.

  1. Connect iPhone with laptop or desktop and open iTunes.
  2. Select the device in iTunes.
  3. Now press or choose reset button in iTunes.
  4. Click on Restore and Update when a warning messages prompts
  5. Now iTunes will prepare restore files, it might download latest updates from internet and might take some time.
  6. Next step is selecting “setting up as a new iPhone”.
  7. It will ask you to name your phone.

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