Hard Reset SKY VIPER Journey – How To

If you want to know How to factory reset SKY VIPER Journey. Even if you have any other such question, this article is for you.

Hard Reset SKY Viper Journey

There are many ways to Hard reset SKY VIPER Journey, you can either do it using reset keys or you can do it through software reset. Doing this will remove any lag from device and it will work at optimum level. In this article we are going to learn exactly how to make these changes.

  1. First of all switch on your drone and connect it to the controller.
  2. Connect your drone to a laptop or computer through WiFi.
  3. Now open Google Chrome and go to URL ” http://fly.sky-viper.com/calibration.html
  4. Now click on System Control and spot Factory reset option and click.
  5. At last Power off the drone.
  6. Switch on and connect to controller.
  7. That’s it

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