Enter Recovery Mode iPhone 5S – How To

Apple iPhone 5s was one of the most successful launches, and it has a hude fan following. But every device has age and some time you need to fix them to make them work fine. If you are looking about booting Apple iPhone 5S in Recovery mode then this article is for you. In this article we will guide you step by step about How to Enter Recovery Mode iPhone 5s.

If you have any of these following queries just continue reading the article. How to open recovery mode iPhone 5S?

How to Enter Recovery Mode iPhone 5s

Recovery mode is an important feature as it lets you update iOS which is system software, hard reset iPhone 5s or wipe cache data.

How to Put iPhone 5S in Recovery Mode?
  1. First of turn off the device using on/off button.
  2. Now connect it to USB and hold home button.
  3. Wait till Apple logo appears on the screen once to let go off home button.

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