Hard Reset Samsung A01 – How To

Are you looking for step by step Hard reset guide for Samsung A01. Then this article is for you. Samsung is the most famous mobile phone brand. It is famous as it has easy to use interface. But one thing everyone knows about Samsung mobile phone is that it gets slower with time. They have improved alot and it is not that much a problem, but still if you are facing a similar problem just follow our article.

This article will guide you step by step into master resting Samsung A01 samrtphone. After doing this reset your device will work smoothly and work faster. It might also result in increased battery life, or graphic quality enhancement. But it won’t help if you device have any physical damage or hardware problem.how to Hard Reset Samsung A01

Always backup your data before performing any such operations. Hard resetting device results in data loss and you should always backup data even when you are doing a soft reset.

Reset Using Hardware Key

  1. Switch off  the device.
  2. Then press volume low button and power button and keep pressing.
  3. You can release buttons when you see Samsung logo shows up.
  4. Then you will see BIOS, black screen and blue options.
  5. Choose or tap on wipe data/factory reset. You can use volume keys to go up and down and power button to choose option.
  6. Then when next screen comes, choose option reboot system now.
  7. That’s it. Your phone has been reset.

Factory Reset Samsung A01 Android 10 Using Android Settings

This is the easiest way to reset Samsung A01. Keep in mind that this will wipe out all the data and personal settings and app settings from device. You can create a backup before you continue further.

  1. After of all go to settings in your device and choose General managment.
  2. Then tap on Reset and Factory Data Reset.
  3. Then tap reset.
  4. At last you should tap on delete all to allow reset process to start.
  5. That’s it, wait for some time while your phone is resetting.

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