How to Factory Reset SONY PlayStation 4 Slim

Are you looking for a step by step tutorial to Factory Reset SONY PlayStation 4 Slim? Then this article is for you. Factory reset or Hard reset is a way to remove glitches from electronic devices. Previously we wrote about Hard Resetting PlayStation 4. Today we are going to tell you How to remove all personal data from PlayStation 4 Slim?

This will result in your PlayStation 4 Slim running smooth and fast. Apart from that you will be able to install new games and battery life will also improve. So factory resetting means restoring default settings in PlayStation 4 Slim.

How to Factory Reset SONY PlayStation 4 Slim

How to Factory Reset Sony PlayStation 4 Slim?

  1. First press power key and make sure it is completely switched off and not in sleep mode
  2. Once switched off, press and hold power key again for 7-8 seconds. Once you hear second beep and see Safe Mode menu release power button.
  3. In Safe Menu, browse to Restore Default Settings or you can also select initialize PS4.
  4. Restore defaults will remove personal settings from device. It will be restored to factory settings that were stored it in at the time of production. But you will not loose any game or data.
  5. Initialize PS4 option will do all this and will also delete everything on hard drive. you can choose this option if you wish to completely wipe out PS4 Slim.
  6. You can choose between Full initialize or quick initialise. Not to mention choosing full means complete cleaning.
  7. Start the process by clicking initialize and then pressing yes to confirm.
  8. Now wait for the entire procedure to complete and later you can use all new PS4 Slim.

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