4 Apps for Instant Payday Loan

Whether you are using payday advance apps or getting traditional payday loans for fast cash, heres what you need to know. Like most payday loans, payday or payday advance apps allow you to borrow with no credit checks. Cash advances apps such as Earnin, Dave, and Brigit Earnin Dave Brigit lets you borrow small amounts against your next paycheck before you get it.    Show Source Texts

Fortunately, there are apps that allow you to borrow cash, making it easier for you to access emergency cash in a matter of minutes. Cash apps and payday loans are all financial resources at your disposal when you need to stay afloat. The good news is, there is a lot more that cash apps and payday loans provide compared to a straight-up direct deposit, and actually, some are similar to Chime in terms of features that they provide.    Show Source Texts

There are some great cash advance and payday loans apps in the market that take Chime and are easy to link with Chime. Like payday lenders, cash advance apps do not report payments to major credit bureaus, so they cannot help or hurt your credit score. Regulators such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau do not classify cash advance apps as lenders, even though they are similar to payday loans. Generally, these payday loan apps charge no interest, though an advance could be considered lending.    Show Source Texts

1.Payday Advance

Instead of giving you a small loan, you actually get a paycheck advance via the app Payday Advance, with money taken out of your checking account the following paycheck. The payday loan app will keep trying to take the money out of your bank account, which could lead to racking up overdraft fees. Some apps charge membership fees and let you take out small advances and take as long as you need to pay back the amount.    Show Source Texts


The app Earnin allows you to earn money on a daily basis, with a limit of $100 a day, and a maximum of $500 a pay period. The app is free, you just have to pay what you feel is fair, and millions of people are already using this app to get paid today.    Show Source Texts


Upgrade your subscription to app Plus and anytime get access to credit-builder loans at 5.99 percent APR, $1 Daily Cashback, exclusive benefits, and more. Brigit offers mobile banking and investing accounts, financial tracking, credit-builder loan, and up to $250 cash advances.    Show Source Texts


MoneyLion is a comprehensive mobile banking subscription offering multiple services, including cash advances, a credit-builder loan, checking accounts, managed investments, personal loans, and credit score monitoring. The app gives access to zero percent APR cash advances, low-interest personal loans, helps with tracking expenses, and savings. Money Lender Squad does not discriminate when it comes to poor credit or unemployment benefits, meaning that they can work with anyone for a potential financing solution. Rounding out their list of best cash-advance apps is Very Merry Loans.    Show Source Texts

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