Playstation VR 2 Updates

The next most anticipated gaming device after Steam Deck is PlayStation VR 2.  There are many rumors making round on internet, and few details have been officially released. Sony is going to name it NGVR rumored by many gaming new portals. It if official that it will come with an OLED  display with a resolution of 4000X 2040 pixels.

NGVR will get eye tracking and HDR Support along with hand tracking technology, which was available with the previous version. It will come with a upgraded view field of 110 degree.

playstation vr2 release date specs
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This is just tip of the Iceberg. Sony announced that it is working on completely new controlled with next gen features. Controllers will have ability to sense the distance between users hand and itself, along with ability to sense hold.

It is rumored that Sony is planning to bring all the AAA releases on the next gen VR. It is important that users have great options when to play, then only hardware comes into role. If you have a state of the art gaming machine you need good games to use those capabilities.

The release date is still a mystery, but we might not get our hands on this amazing next generation gaming device until next year.