PlayStation Faces Backlash Over PS5 Success Tweet

PlayStation 5 was launched last year on 12th, November. Since then PlayStation has sold 10 million PS5’s and they wanted to celebrate and thank fans for this feat. PlayStation tweeted about this feat and thanked followers. But guess what, fans had different plans.

The tweet received a mixed response as a large number of fans were outraged that they weren’t able to get their hands on the new PS5. Most of the angry fans claimed that most of these units are sold to scalpers. One of the most retweeted replies says “This is such an arrogant tweet.” Read the tweet in the screenshot below.

playstation mocked

Another fan alleged that PlayStation allowed bots, and let Walmart and GameSpot to book all those PS5’s and fans were left empty handed.

Here are few other fans who had the same reaction. Most of the fans complained that they can’t actually buy one, and haven’t seen one in their friend circle of where the hell did these 10 million units went?

We could hardly find any positive reply, but we found one and here it is.

We don’t know why PlayStation is celebrating while fans are so outraged. Just browse through the replies and you will know almost each and every reply shows how disappointed fans are. And if you know how to run a business you should never disappoint your loyal fan base.

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Steam Deck VS Nintendo Switch

Nowadays, there are many gaming consoles available in market.  Nintendo Switch was the undisputed king in handheld gaming devices, until Steam Deck arrived. Some people are naming it Switch Killer, while others are mocking Steam for its previous flop devices. Let’s get started with Steam Deck Vs Nintendo Switch battle.

Fans will be fans, but here today we are going to do a factual comparison on the basis of technologies available in these devices. Not only technologies, we are also going to compare community support, number of quality games available and flexibility for users.

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steam deck vs nintendo switch
Image Courtesy – Game Bytes

First of all, Nintendo has a loyal fan base, stats show that among top 30 selling games on Nintendo only 10% are available elsewhere. Which shows that Nintendo fans like what they are served and they have exclusive content. This is Nintendo’s strategy, they sell their games through their device. Which means it isn’t an open system.

While on the other hand, Steam allows users to play games on different platforms. It has allowed different stores on Steam Deck which increases the number of games a user can play.

Steam Deck Vs Nintendo Switch Price Factor

Nintendo Switch 64 GB variants costs $299, and OLED costs $349. Where as Steam Deck 64 GB variant costs $349.


Steam Deck has a AMD Zen 2 processor with 4 cored and 8 threads. A GPU lock speed of 1-1.6 GHZ. Where as Nintendo Switch has Nvidia custom Tegra processor. Nvidia haven’t provided any official specs about this processor, but it is rumored that it has same number of core and thread as Deck.

Other Things

Screen sizes are same, and have the same technology. Battery life doesn’t have a huge difference either. Both of them have multi capacitive touch. Both has a resolution of 1200X800 px.

Operating System

Switch Deck has SteamOS, it is a Linux based operating system. There are more than 15,000 games that are compatible with it. You can install games from various Game store like Microsoft game store and other major stores.

Nintendo Switch runs on FreeBSD OS, which is a multitasking operating system. But it doesn’t offer you options to install various game stores that Switch has.

Steam Deck Vs Nintendo Switch Conclusion

If you read online reviews, and compare the tech specs both of them are neck to neck. Both of them has cutting edge technology and tons of game that are top in charts.

If you are a person who likes to have a say over what content you install on your system, if you want multiple game stores Steam Deck is for you. If you are a fan of Nintendo games and you can not afford not to play Nintendo game then Switch should be your choice.


How to hard reset XIAOMI Redmi Note 8 Pro

This article is going to help you to  reset XIAOMI Redmi Note 8 Pro.  It will show you the steps you need to take to  hard reset hardware keys and Android 9.0 Pie settings. This will make your device as good as brand new and  will make the phone run at a faster speed.

Xiaomi is know for cheap smartphones. It is famous mostly in developing nations for its cheaper devices. Basically they offer features of flagship devices at much lower rates. They are bound to have problems as they age. Most of them don’t have timely software updates and have custom user interface instead of stock Android. Stock Android has more flexibility.

So if you are facing any software related problem, or phone’s memory got corrupt or phone has a virus, then you need to do a soft reset, and if you have already done soft reset and the proble still persists. Then follow the article and try hard resetting your mobile phone.

It is recommended that you back up all the files on your smart phones.

Follow these steps to Hard Reset you Xiaomi device right now:

  1. Start with holding the Power key for a few seconds.
  2.  Hold the Volume Up and Power buttons together for a couple of seconds.
  3. Release all the keys, once you see the Redmi logo appear on the screen.
  4. From  Recovery menu, select Wipe Data section and then press Wipe All Data.  Make use of Volume buttons for navigating and Power key serves as enter.
  5. In the next step, choose Confirm and wait, until the Hard reset operation is complete.
  6.  Next, select Back to Main Menu button.
  7. And finally, the last step, enter the Reboot chapter and touch the Reboot to System position.

And you are done.

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