How to boot PS4 in Safe Mode | PS4 Safe Mode Guide

PS4 is one of the most amazing console and it is really powerful when it comes to performance. But every good device have some troubles and there are options available in every device to solve the trouble. So if you are facing any trouble with your PS4 then it is recommended to start PlayStation 4 in safe mode. So in this article, we will learn How to boot PS4 in Safe Mode.

Safe Mode starts the device with minimum functionality so that it can boot easily and is less heavy on device. This gives you ability to use resources  to quick start fixing procedure. In case your PS4 isn’t starting or booting normally you should try starting it in Safe Mode. But first you need to know, How to open safe mode in SONY PlayStation 4?

How to boot PS4 in Safe Mode

How to Enter Safe Mode in Sony PlayStation 4 ?

  1. First of all turn off the PS4 with power button. Wait till it is completely switched off (Do not disconnect electricity)
  2. Then press power key for at least 10 to 15 seconds. Release it when you hear 2nd beep sounds.
  3. Now connect controllers using USB as you can not connect wirelessly in safe mode.
  4. That is it, now you can make any changes in your PS4, back up it, restore it.

Now once you have entered Safe Mode, you should know how to quit Safe mode in PS4. It is quit simple and we are going to tell you about it.

How to get PS4 out of Safe Mode?

There are various ways to get PS4 out of safe mode. It depends on what kind of trouble you are facing in your console. Some times restoring defaults can help and you read this article How to Reset PS4?

Some time you need to rebuild memory or corrupt files. Or you need to update it in order to get issues fixed. We will be writing article on how to do these things in easy steps. So bookmark our blog, and subscribe to it. let us know if article helped to with “How to boot PS4 in Safe Mode”.